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About us:

Hi! My name is Bella and I’m the creator of Belexie Shoppe, along with my best friend Lexi, who also happens to be my sister. We’re two teens based in Miami, Florida, living with our parents, doggie Lola, kitties Kira and Kleo, and bearded dragon Carl. 

We started our shop in October of 2019, creating earrings and necklaces that we loved. We would occasionally sell a couple items here and there, but for the most part, we became discouraged in growing our shop because of lack of sales and interest that people had in our items. It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic started that my Mom and I found ourselves laid off from our jobs and we realized we had to find another way to support our family during that difficult period of time. With schools also being closed, Lexi and I found ourselves with a lot of free time and we decided to try again in making our shop into what we always dreamed it would be, and after much effort in

promoting our shop, learning new things, and creating lots of different items, our dream finally came true. We wouldn’t be here today without the help and support of all of you, and we appreciate you all so much. It was you guys that gave us the opportunity to fully commit to doing something that we loved, and we cannot thank you enough. We plan on continuing to create our accessories for as long as we can, and we’re beyond excited to see you all wearing them! 


Hugs, kisses, and all the best wishes, 

Bella & Lexie H. 

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